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What to do as a Howard owner? .5 PPR


Is the emergence of Tarik Cohen making a Howard sell target after his decent Week 1 performance?

Do I keep him and hope that was a one week wonder from Cohen?
Should I try and move him for a different player while his value is still there?

This is a really hard decision for me.

RBs: Freeman, Howard, CMC, Lacy, Thompson, Kamara
WRs: Tate, Garcon, Diggs, Maclin, Hogan.


This is a topic I preached a little bit in the off-season. I don’t think howard has a great year this year. Just solid. And the closer we got to regular season, the more I saw howard as a cj Anderson feom a few years ago. After this game, the bears would be crazy to not do a 60 40 split, and never put howard out there on a passing down. So for me, I might sell while he still has good value. Or wait it out for a week, hope he goes off and then sell. Because howard will still produce, I just think the more the season goes, the more you will see that cj Anderson follow up year come. Becaise Anderson did the same thing, came out big, became an early second round pick, and then completely disappointed everyone who took him.


I was right there with you. I’m not sure this is a great time to sell him. You’re probably not going to get a good return. That said, a few more games like that amd you’ll get even less. I’d definitely sell him as soon as he has a big game. I just don’t know if/when that will be. Look at the schedule moving forward. That would be useful I formation.


Appreciate the advice guys, gonna try and see if I could get the return I am looking for this week and if not I am just gonna wait and hope on the big game to do so.


I would probably try to move him, but not unless you get good value.
Maybe the David Johnson owner is willing to pay up?
Maybe you wait a few weeks, hope he does decent, and see if any other RBs go down and someone needs to make a move?

If you cant get solid value, then I would sit tight. I think Howard will still get his, and as good as cohen looked, I think cohens use will be limited somewhat when the weather starts to turn.


Same boat here. Howard didn’t look bad running the ball yesterday, but Cohen was explosive. I think they’ll split time, which is a scary proposition. It’s only week one though, and I won’t be selling low on him. If you can get value, go for it.