What to do at 9th overall?

The 9th pick is the only pick I have until the 5th round. My team is pretty set and I am solid at every position so I am looking at more best value then roster construction.Right now I have four options.

  1. Trade 9th pick for Joe Mixon. Mixon would not be a starter for me, an occasional flex at best due to my rb situation.

  2. There is a slim chance where One of these rookies could fall in draft (Dobbins, Jeudy, Helaire)

  3. Draft Burrow he is almost guaranteed to still be there

  4. If Burrow is there. A team in my league would offer me the 13th and 18th overall pick to move up. So I could trade back and take a few WRs and see if any hit.

Which option do you think is good value and which would you not do period? Then what is your favorite outcome?

Yo, this is tough as a lot of league rules / roster construction factor in here to really give some punchy advice. I love action, but if you are really happy with your current team and your ability to draft, I’d hang tight. That said, on your options:

  1. I LOVE Mixon this year, and you should too!! Depth wins chips. But if you make that trade, do you have to drop someone? If so, who??

  2. I have 1.08 and I am happy with a handful of Rookie WRs/RBs and like this move…

3/4. Is it a 2 QB league? If 1 QB, i’d go skill player, no question. If you can trade 1.09 for 1.13/1.18 I would likely take that deal.

If you are in a strong leverage position, team is good and people like your draft slot … maybe wait until the NFL draft to see where the pieces fall.

Mixon for the 1.09 is a no brainer. If you have that on the table, you take it and don’t think twice.

How many teams in your league? (curious about “1.18”)

Trading down from 1.09 for those 2 picks makes a lot of sense (if you can’t get Mixon).

And like @jwlustyan said, taking Burrow is out of the question in a 1 QB league.

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Literally, if someone is offering Mixon for 1.09… that’s the end of scenarios. How you have not taken this deal already is beyond me. If you really dont like Mixon, someone should be buying him with a lot more than 1.09. So you could flip him. But I would advise against it.

I’m not understanding how Mixon would be a flex option at best… Dude ia going to be a beast and it almost seems like you’re disrespecting him a little lol.

Seriously, end it and take Mixon now. Who the hell would give up Mixon for the 1.09 is absolutely stupid lol. Just my opinion though.