What to do at Rb?

Going against the top team in our league (he’s 13-0) and I reeeeaaalllyyy want to be his first loss of the season. (We play one week playoffs, rd 1: week 15, rd 2: week 16). I’m having some trouble deciding on who to play in my 2 RB and 1 flex spots.

I’ve got:
Melvin Gordon (Potentially coming back this week)
Leonard Fournette
Philip Lindsay
Austin Ekeler
Sony Michel
Jaylen Samuels

I’m thinking:
Lindsay, Fournette, and Sony. (Melvin Gordon would replace Sony if he comes back this week).

Anyone have any input/suggestions??

I would agree, Lindsay, Fournette and Michel(replaced by Gordon if he plays)

The only thing that scares me about Sony was his relatively low usage last week.