What to do at spot 6?

I’m at the 6 spot in a 10-team, half PPR league. Roster setup is QB, 2RB, 2WR, WR/TE, 2FLEX. Who should I go with? If Zeke falls to me, I’m leaning towards him, but would you recommend Davante and either hope for a solid RB in round 2 or just load up on stud WR? Or even though a TE isn’t required, should I go with Kelce to lock in the WR/TE roster spot? Anything helps. Thanks!

I think this 100% depends on how you feel about mid-round RB’s. In a 10 team league you should have a fine option at RB available in the 2nd round, but in the 3rd round it could get sketchy, but even if it does you could grab another monster WR. That’s what happened to me in my own 10 team league. If you feel confident in guys like Carson, Swift, Jacobs, Robinison, Hunt and even later round guys like Damien Harris than Davante Adams is a great pick. If you don’t feel confident in the mid-round guys than make sure you grab a RB in round 1.