What to do at the 6 spot?

I’m at the 6 spot in a 10-team, 1/2 PPR league. Roster setup is QB, 2RB, 2WR, WR/TE, 2FLEX. Who should I go with? If Zeke falls to me, I’m leaning towards him, but would you recommend Davante and either hope for a solid RB in round 2 or just load up on stud WR? Or even though a TE isn’t required, should I go with Kelce to lock in the WR/TE roster spot? Anything helps. Thanks!

I think there are still enough high-end RB options at 6 even if Zeke doesn’t fall.

All of the 1/2-point drafts that I’ve had saw CMC, Dalvin, Kamara, Henry and Zeke all go top-5. At #6, I’d be looking at Jones (particularly high on him), Chubb, Saquon or even Taylor before I’m looking at a pass catcher.

I personally think first round for wide receiver and Kelce are considerations a little closer to the turn where you might have to take more chances. If you go high-end RB to start, that still leaves you options in the second to double-down on RB (Gibson, Najee, Mixon) or still get a stud receiver (DK, Hopkins, Ridley).

Take Zeke all day if he falls to you, but if he doesn’t, I’d take Jones or Chubb with a smile on my face.

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With a pick in the top 6, you will get one of Henry, Zeke, CMC, Jones, Cook or Kamara (in that order). Anything else would be an error.

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