What to do ? Drafting #9

I’m drafting 9th in a 1/2 PPR 10 teams - should I go 2 RB ( 1 at 9 and 1 on the turn), 2 WR, or 1 and 1? Im’ liking maybe Chubb and or Kerryon in that mix if I go RB. Both will not be avail when it comes back around to me.


In a 10 man league and you are the 9 spot taking chubb & kerryon would be a reach…

Stay water so if you league goes heavy RB early you go top end wr and vice versa…in a vacuum I would go Bell/Connor or Bell/Mixon…and then at 3/4 turn look at Thelien/Rams wr woods/cooks or Thelien/edelman

Draft best available regardless of position. Specially in the first 2 rounds. You can switch up your team after that. you don’t want to pass on a chance to get someone like Nuk because you said you were going RB to start.

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I’m also in the save format. In mocks I normally go pick 9 Julio/Adams and Cook/Conner round 2.

Also works to go RB/RB and get good WR in 3/4

Thx Jack

I’m thinking about going 2 RB and the WR in 3/4

WR 1 for me