What to do W/ Ito & Tevin?

I am happy I have both, but they’ve been quite inefficient … I would still think Coleman is the play, but how do you guys view them? How do you decide who to play? Are you trying to move them for something less ambiguous?

I currently have Ito and Clement. Been trying to shop both around but they don’t seem to have enough value to their names yet. My view is to give Ito (and Clement) a few weeks to get in the groove of things and make himself a little more known, and then I think we can package trade him off. I think he’s got a lot of potential so I don’t like his current lowish value right now

I’d try and trade Coleman high for something of need right now - i’m in the same position and have RB depth so i’m doing that. I’ll grab Ito he’s there in my league no one wants him (smh) and i don’t think you lose that much but can cash in on the hype for Coleman’s ROS value