What to do... what to do

I have a couple questions for you fellow foot clan. First of all, I have looked at the drop it like it’s hot players, and there are a couple of big names, Geronimo, Ronald Jones, and Mike Williams. I just don’t know if any of my players are worth dropping for one of them(roster below). What do you guys think? Second of all, I am looking for some suggestions on who to start this week. I am unsure on my wr2 and flex position, I currently have Robert woods and DJax in those positions, but I have Smallwood and Emmanuel Sanders sitting on my bench. Who would you start and who would you sit this week? I will accept and appreciat any comments or recommendations. Thank you

Don’t drop any of them and keep your lineup the same

Alright sounds like a plan, thank you for sharing your opinion

i actually might change emmanuel with desean but besides that keep it the same

I too would not drop anyone at this time but would consider moving Woods to WR and sliding either Freeman or Smallwood into the flex. However, if you need a homerun hitter and are currently projected to lose by a lot then leaving your lineup how it is may not be a terrible idea.

Mind taking a look at mine if you get a chance?

i cant reply on your forum because i’m not a member but i would do that trade. What the other guy responded is true but you can increase your team value and then trade for another wr with more quality players.