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What to do when your league won't trade


Hey all. I’ve run into an issue with my league and I’m not sure what to do.
Standard 10 team, qb, 2rb, 3wr, te, def, k, 6 bench, priority WW

Every year I overdraft on RB’s as a strategy for trade bait to pick up pieces I need throughout the year. After the first 2 weeks, I have been RAVAGED with WR losses.
My RB’s: Gordon, Lynch, Gillislee, Martin, Henry and Gore.
Problem I’m having is no matter what I offer in this league, it’s immediately refused, without question. Example, there is a team that would rather use Perkins and Blount than take Lynch and Gore for D. Thomas! (Yes he was ravaged at RB). I have offered way more reasonable trades than just my example btw. I’m not lowballing.
It really feels this league is going to go the whole year without trading!
So now I have 4 of 6 RB’s that I can’t utilize on my team, and I can’t drop them cause they carry too much value.
Do I go without a 3rd WR this week or do I bite the bullet and drop Gore for a Kearse or Amendola, giving him away for free?

… Like seriously, you wouldn’t take Gore for Beasley if you needed an RB? Lol


I feel you… I get trades rejected/ or no reply (even when the team is adding/dropping players after I have submitted the trade) all the time. But, I always maintain that a RB is worth more than a WR, however bench points don’t win you championships (unless you tie and use bench points to decide the winner I guess).


I feel for you man. I had that issue last year. But people only wanted to trade if it was a low ball for me. So there wasn’t any trades at all in this league I was in.
If you need a WR, I would drop you’re worst RB since you are stacked with them. If it helps you in the future, and is a need, satisfy it. We always have to sacrifice a little, even when trading.


Finally just had a trade accepted. Lynch for Dez straight up. I feel I lose on it a bit but my needs outweigh the losses


Fantastic insight. Thanks man


It’s the worse when other people don’t trade. Especially when they’re so high on names, they take names over value. I’d find a new league to be honest if they keep that up.