What to do with ajayi?!

Was thinking ajayi for AP? am i hoping for too much from AP or am i giving up too much with ajayi?

As of last night I think we are both hoping for too much with a trade like that. He had good matchup but his offense is absolutely putrid. They get behind and have to abandon the run game mid-way through the second quarter. His trade value is so far down at this point. I think your either gonna have to ride this train all the way down or bench him.

yeahh… getting the same feeling, would you agree you’d take that trade if it was accepted?

if i was the one recieving AP then yes I would accept. the offense is running through him right now. he’s also used to playing against 8 man fronts which teams will be doing after the whole palmer injury thing

Stick him on the bench and pray…

Can’t hope for too much from Peterson…but I would still make that trade.

Thanks guys, im working with Shady and dakrwa as my others options so theres my concern. wr’s arent too bad with hopkins, thielen, and DT