What to do with all this WR depth

Looking for some opinions on what to do with my depth at WR. I think I want to move one of them but don’t know which one. I am thinking of trying to pair a WR with a RB to trade for Bell (already had a bye week and schedule is good), Chubb (schedule is good), or Connor (schedule is good).

Which WR would you try to trade and what would you be looking for in return (anyone else I should target)? Or would you keep them all and play it out?

My WRs:
DeAndre Hopkins
Julio Jones
Larry Fitzgerald
DJ Chark
Michael Gallup

My RBs:
Marlon Mack
Austin Ekeler
Sony Michel
Malcolm Brown

For reference, I play in a 12 team standard scoring league that plays 3 WRs and 2RBs with no flex positions.

Any help on this?

well i have the same RBs as you almost identically but none of those quality WRs. Keep one guy who is consistent (~10 points a week) and keep 2 who is boom or bus (20 plus every few weeks). Sell one of the consistent dudes

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Thanks for the reply, as a Bell or Chubb owner, would you do Ekeler and Chark for either of them?

I probably would not but I like Bell ROS, and I am a huge browns fan. So a little biased there. Worth offering though, depends on your league and the owner.

I like Bell too and the Chubb owner has him and 2 WR on bye next week with only John Brown, Geronimo Allison, and Preston Williams on the bench so I am thinking of waiting until next week to send him an offer.

What players would you do a deal with? Obviously Hopkins or Julio in a 1 for 1 but anything else?

depends on what they need but maybe sell Gallup high. Would have to probably include Chark/Fitz/Ekeler though…