What to do with allen

I hve Keenan Allen which has been frustrating. Looking long term should I look to trade Allen and pick up tyrell Williams or Courtland Sutton. If so which one would you pick up?

Depends on what you can get in return for Allen, but I still like him over the other 2 names yu mentioned.


So still looking long term. Which of those 2 would you pick up?

If you extend that question to which of the 3, I’d take Keenan Allen ROS


I’m a big believer in Keenan Allen so take that for what it’s worth, but I’d rather have him over the other 2 guys ROS and it’s not even close. I think Allen has been pretty productive without having that monster blowup game or multiple touchdown receptions. I’d fully expect him to have some positive regression and have a few games where he’ll find the endzone.

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