What to do with Alshon Jeffery?

Demarcus Robinson and Deebo Samuel are still on waivers. Do I drop Alshon and pick one of them up for ROS? Robinson could see a limited roll once Hill comes back but Samuel seems more and more like the focal point of the niners offense at WR, obviously second to Kittle.

No, no way do you do this. Alshon will slide back into a WR2 value in 2 weeks. Meanwhile both Robinson and Samuel are unpredictable flex plays.
I’m all for picking one of them up, especially if you need a start this week; but, not at the expense of dropping Alshon.

Who else do you have on your roster?

my current WRs are

JuJu, Theilen, Woods, Alshon, Tyrell, Mclaurin

Other players? RBs/QBs/TEs? Strictly based on your WRs, you don’t need either of those waiver guys. JuJu and Woods should be every week starters and Thielen and Tyrell are both good flex plays in the right matchup

RBs: Zeke, Jones, Sanders, Thompson
TE: Waller
QBs: Rodger(who im trying to flip) and Josh Allen

someone offered me Mike Evans and Damien Williams for Rodgers…still thinking about it

only issue i have with my current WRs is that on paper i looked stacked but im sitting 0-2 because they all have basically done nothing so im tilting pretty hard right now.

Please take the Evans and Damien Williams for Rodgers trade. Rodgers and Allen are both QB1s in the right matchup but neither is a must start each week (have to get past the big name)

Thanks for the advice on that…if I get both Evans and William’s who would you drop? Probably Thompson I think

Yes, Thompson