What to do with Alvin Kamara

Keep or trade? And who would you trade him for? I would strictly trade him for Barkley, Elliot, and any of the current top 4 receivers other than tyreek hill

I also have kareem hunt and am trying to get a top tier reciever out of him but I’m not so sure that would be a good idea. Let me know what you think footclan.

you have kamara and hunt and youre trying to trade them…why?

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After this week’s performance, you could probably get Zeke, if you wanted to.

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I like him but I would much rather have the players I listed above

I’d keep Kamara man…

Listen I know you’re probably frustrated with him and you’ve probably lost weeks because of him, but it’s rare to go undefeated in fantasy, and Kamara is a very, very special player. He’s on a great offense (some would say the best offense in the league), he’s super talented, and he doesn’t have the pressure of being the focal point of the offense. I promise you he will have monster games as his schedule ROS looks very juicy. My advice would be to be patient with him. He is a great player in a great situation.

Juanny_futbol I respect your opinion and decided I am going to keep him unless I can get Todd Gurley.