What to do with Amari?

I am potentially going to get Amari Cooper for Buck Allen. I have OBJ and am looking for depth and the Amari owner wants to dump him. He hasn’t even put up a point in the last 3 weeks (.6, .9, .8). Do I get more for this or is straight up still a good trade?

Standard, 12 man

My lineup now:

QB- Jameis

RB- Lamar Miller, Duke Johnson, Buck Allen, Alvin Kamara, Ty Montgomery (hurt)

WR- Alshon Jeffery, Emmanuel Snaders, Devin Funchess, Willie Snead, Rishard Matthews, OBJ (hurt)

TE-Zach Ertz

I would be very WR heavy if I make this trade, however bye weeks still work for my RB’s

Straight up seems fine. I wouldn’t roll him out until he starts doing something though.

My plan was to start Alshon and Sanders for the mean time and then if he gets back to his usual ways, I would play him. Just very worried about my team with no Odell

I have been looking to trade for Alshon, but the owner has it in his head that he is worth a RB1 so sadly I can not get him. I think with that trade you can stream good matchups and be active on waiver wire. Do bench package trades to slightly upgrade them till you work up to a starter.

While I have you here, I have Seahawks D and they are on bye this week. Which player do I drop to get a defense or do I just take my lumps and get rid of a what seems to be very good D?

Posted that this morning.
I always stream Defenses, I am biased on that. I don’t care what the team name is only who they play against lol

I agree. I would like to keep them around because they are a relatively consistent +10 defense but I don’t think I have anyone that is worth dumping just to keep a defense around. Thanks

What are your choices of dropping? Is the guy you are playing this week easy? You could look into dropping a kicker for a week. I have done that before.

I think the only player I would want to dump is Rishard Matthews. My kicker is Graham Gano (I only have 1 kicker) and he has been a very consistent leg all year so I am hesitant to drop him just yet (bye week isn’t until week 11). With my heavy WR lineup I feel like I can dump Matthews and roll with Alshon, Sanders, Funchess and Snead to pick up a defense I don’t see myself considering to start Matthews with Mariota being out

Yeah that works.
I just traded Pryor for Cooper. He will still ride my bench because I have Hilton and Green but I hope he starts doing better I will need him when he plays against New England.