What to do with andrews when you also own kelce

I have both Andrew’s and kelce. Trying to move Andrew’s Michael Carter and Mike Williams for javonte Williams and thielen. Full PPR. Am I over thinking having 2 TES or should I try and pursue trading Andrew’s
My other backs are ekeler Montgomery and gaskin so I can wait for the breakout on Williams. Wr would be ridley Robby Anderson shenult and Corey Davis so thielen would give me a little more flexibility. We start 2 wr 2 rb and 2 flex.

I think I’d try to package Andrews with something to improve either startable RB or WR as opposed to targeting a potential breakout.

Something like Andrews/Gaskin for Joe Mixon or Andrews/Anderson for CeeDee or Keenan Allen are examples of things I’d be thinking about.

If you could swindle the Aaron Jones owner into an Andrews/Monty deal, that would be the dream.

Regardless of what sort of deal you pursue, I would 100% use Andrews as a trade asset to improve your starters. He does you no good on your bench.

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If you are low on depth and your league has a flex maybe don’t force a trade? He can get decent points and with BAL potentially looking to be slightly more pass heavy he could get solid regular points.

Just a different view on it.

Even with two flex I’d rather not carry two big hitter TEs. I think the advantage of quality TE is lost if you’re flexing another as your opponents who give up ground v Kelce can make it up in the flex.

In my opinion you really need to find a trade partner willing to accept Andrews and something for an upgrade elsewhere. If the league is any kind of ppr I would target wr as it should be easier to get a deal done.