What to do with Baldwin and G.allison

Few good WR on wire. Sutton, keke, doyle.

Are badlwin and Allison droppable? full ppr

any ideas guys. im tempting to drop one for the new fad

I’m dropping Allison if I can get Larry Fitz or Sutton in my league. He split snaps with MVS last game and I’m not certain that trend won’t continue. The rookies have played too well while Allison and Cobb were out not to be factored in.

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Allison is a drop for me as well, take a shot on Sutton or Keke whichever you prefer…

Baldwin I am still holding though.

Yea. I just picked up sutoon. and Someone dropped larry so I will be dropping Allison for him. I had so high hopes for Allison.