What to do with Bell

I’ve held Bell so far but with no imminent return on the horizen I’m starting to wonder whether I should try to shop him for another quality RB. What’s everyone’s thoughts on who you would be willing to trade for Bell at this stage of the year with so much still up in the air with his status? Also is there any need to do this or is the long wait starting to get the better of me?

I’m currently sitting 4-2 and my team is:
QB- Newton
RB- Aaron Jones
Flex- Josh Gordon/Lockett/Crowell


My advice would be to sit tight, you’re 4-2 and are in a good spot.

I say at this point just hold on to him.
If I had him, I would accept nothing less than a low end RB1, high RB2 and maybe a receiver.
Something like Sony Michel, Mark Ingram…maybe even Phillip Lindsay.

…I don’t know why I keep thinking Michael Thomas. I know you want RB but I think you probably have a good shot at getting a good WR like Michael Thomas.

I recently traded off Bell on Monday and I’m 3-3:

My: Bell, Juju, Kerryon
Their: Barkley, Lindsay, Davis

needless to say, I’m loving not having the problem now.

Damn you made out! Nice trade.

If you could get a trade like above (Honestly I’d rather be on the Bell, Juju, Kerryon side of that trade) then go for it.

But you’re 4-2 you have some point producers. I’d continue to stash Bell.

It’s still Le’Veon Friggin’ Bell!