What to do with Bernard after Mixon Returns

It looks like Mixon will have a good chance of returning week 5, but planning ahead, what would be the best to do with Bernard? He will have relatively no value so is he just a drop to pick someone else up from the waivers?

or would he be worth keeping for a little while just incase mixon gets reinjured

If you own Gio, I think there are two situations, neither of which involve dropping him. First of all, if you are the Mixon owner, I probably just keep him on my bench for safety rushing back from an injury. Plus you get an rb1 for this wekk. If you are not the Mixon owner, I try and trade him ahead of this week when you can still get a worthwhile asset for him. Especially target Mixon owner in this case if he needs him.

I am the mixon owner so yeah I agree that keeping him for safety would be a good idea