What to do with Brandin Cooks?

Just curious if he’s droppable at this point? I doubt anyone would want to acquire him. I tried to trade him w/ other players, but got declined. He was my 4th pick and it just feels like a waste if I dropped him, but that’s how I feel at this point midway through the season. He’s just another spot on my bench and I don’t want to hold him any longer if he’s going to get knocked out every game. Any suggestions??

Yeah he’s MAJor frustrating. I wouldn’t drop him though.

Consider a package trade although he doesn’t carry much value outside of his name right now.

No one in my league has been trading. I’ve offered multiple trade deals, but no one bites. Seems like everyone is pretty comfortable with the players they have. So it’ll be pretty hard to convince someone to accept an injury prone player…would you suggest picking up Amendola (he’s a FA in my league) and possibly dropping Cooks for him. Or is he not worth the drop? I just thought Amendola may be good since he performed well his last 2 games plus Detroit may have to throw the ball more b/c of their lack of strength in the run game after Kerryon went down.

I dropped cooks. He saw a concussion specialist this week but havent seen any news on how it went. His second this year and might be like his 5th if his career. I see him missing more than just the bye week. But am I going to start him in any game besides Arizona the rest of the year? Probably not.

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