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What to do with Bryant and Gillislee


Are M. Bryant and Gillislee droppable? Bryant is talking trade. Do I hold him one more week until the trade deadline passes and then drop him if he doesn’t get traded?


I think Gilleslee is getting to that point. Lewis is starting to get more touches than him. Too much depth in the New England backfield to rely on any one of them.


RB’s in NE are sketchy, you never know Bill B. will use any given game… If Bryant gets traded then he’ll be worth something but if he stays in Pitt, drop him…


Depends who you will drop them for. If there’s someone like sterling Sheppard or ivory in the waivers who are worthy flex plays and you’d trust to start more than gilly and Bryant then I’d do this for sure and drop them!


Grab stills for Bryant off waivers and try to trade gillslee to a pats fan haha or check the waivers I can’t really see you wanting to start them unless your in a deep 12 man league


Yeah, I’m looking to drop Bryant for Stills or Agalohor. Looking to put waiver claims on both of them.


I don’t want any part of the NE backfield anymore. I took a chance on Gillislee with a late round pick, but beyond the first 2 weeks he’s been a major disappointment. I just needed confirmation that I was making the right decision.


No problem. Good luck and I’d go agholor over stills as he has better rest of season potential. Unless you’re gonna struggle on Phillies bye week