What to do with CEH

So it’s looking good for the pats/KC game so far. I don’t have a Monday night pivot so right now my RBs to play are Montgomery, Hunt and CEH. I want to play CEH but can I really take that chance? The latest I can wait is 4:25 when Monty plays but if there is still no confirmation about the KC game. Do I just eat it and bench him this week

Check with your commissioner and see what they can do for COVID game cancellations. My leagues you can designate a player to be the sub “if the chiefs-patriots game is cancelled then sub in x player for CEH”. Must designate before the Sunday kickoffs

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I’ve brought that up already but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. Commish said he is open to it but it goes to a vote and Seems like most people that it hasn’t happened to yet don’t seem to care about the ones it has happened to.

Game is on tomorrow night 7:05

If all tests are passed Monday morning