What to do with Chris Carson

Hey Footclan, tho I bleed Seahawks Lime Green, I am overly perplexed on Schneider and Carrols player personnel decisions.

I have Chris Carson on my roster left over from last year, and drafted Penny in this year’s draft to leverage the backfield.

Now wondering if I should try and trade both or one or the other.

RBs own: Devonta Freeman, J Howard, D Lewis, T Coleman, Breida.

WRs: Green, Allen, Theilin, M Jones.

TE: Ertz.

Suggestions? Thanx!

I would trade Carson. You will likely not get more value than you do now. I sold him in all the leagues where someone was willing to buy. Thank Pete and his patholigical lying tendencies and take the value where you can get it.

His talent is not even close to comparable to Penny. People seem to forget this is a guy who wasn’t even good enough to start on his own team in college. I loved him last year cause seattles backfield was void of any talent. But with Penny there, I am very confident that it’s his backfield for the taking. All the training camp buzz and hype doesn’t really mean much to me at all. If the news was that Penny sucks and can’t do anything and isn’t getting any first team reps, then it would be different. I would be worried. But all it is is Chris Carson hype. I value negative news more than hype when it comes to beat reporters and training camp.

I’m buying Penny anywhere and everywhere and selling Carson anywhere and everywhere.

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I would sell all shares.

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Thanks. That’s what I was thinking.

What do you think his value could get? Would u consider packaging both for an established rb ie McKinnon? Or look for wr 2?

Would u consider selling both for an established tp tier rb ie McKinnon type or what is an equal value for just Carson?

I would suggest that McKinnon is not established.

I think you can hold or shop Penny. But the window to sell Carson is going to slam shut soon.

McKinnon is not an established RB. If you could give both for a real established RB, than ofc that would be worth considering but honestly, if you sold both, the value cancels out. Cause you’re selling Carson at a high and then Penny at a low. I’m perfectly fine holding Penny and letting things play out.

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Good point! Thanx again!!