What to do with Cook

Standard scoring and my RBs are Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen and Ito. Murray is on waivers…

Do I drop Ito for Murray as Cook is looking suspect ROS or just burry Cook on my bench and use him if he ever plays again and if he ends up on IR (worst case)deal with it at the time?
I don’t need him for my team but he’s becoming a frustrating hold…

You don’t need Murray with Cohen/Kerryon already through their buys. Only reason I’d add Murray is to package off the 2 for something

That is my thinking as well and I have a sneaky feeling that Ito will be useful as well. You think just hold Cook unless I can do some kind of deal until he eventually plays or falls totally apart?

Def Dont drop Ito

I’d consider adding lat Murray , but agree ito will see some use. The cook news is frustrating I am an owner myself. It’s just so hot and cold. but his end of year and playoff schedule is really nice, if he can get healthy he could be a league winner

So my full team is below and really unless I trade 2 for 1 for an upgrade somewhere and free up a spot for Murray, Ito is the weak link right now. I could drop Tre’quan Smith but I have Ertz’s bye in two weeks and I need to stream the Ravens week 9/10 as well so I need the space then either way. Don’t really have anyone else I can cut tbh

QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Cohen, Kerryon, Ito
WRs - Green, OBJ, Landry, Baldwin, Tre’quan Smith
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens