What to do with Damien Williams? Trade or Keep?

Of course the Chiefs signed Shady. I was a Williams truther and it was looking pretty good until this. Should I stand pat with Williams and see how it plays out? Or try to make a move through a trade?

My RBs are Kamara, Williams, Darwin thompson, Cohen, Breida

Should I send a trade to the Shady owner giving Williams, Mike Williams, Cohen, and Thompson for Godwin And Carson? This owner is starting both Evans and Godwin. Idk if he’ll take the deal

I guess you’re lucky because Kamara will probably score enough points for RB1 and RB2 but I’d be maybe seeing if I could trade Williams to the McCoy owner or trading for McCoy. If McCoy is the guy then, with your depth, you’re struggling for a decent RB2 so I’d start making moves to get someone more guaranteed in

I would get rid of Thompson since his value has taken a major hit and I would try and find a good rb2, hold on to Williams for a little longer until we see how that time share shakes out.

My thinking is they signed Shady more as a mentor to the other 2, and while he’ll play some at first (with Damien still as lead for now), he’ll gradually cede his role to Thompson over the course of the season. So I wouldn’t dump Thompson just yet unless you can land someone significant.

If possible, maybe wait until after the first 2 games to see what happens.

Is Williams, Mike Williams, Cohen, Thompson for Godwin and Carson a fair deal? This would be a trade with the Shady owner. He is starting both Evans and Godwin right now

Also what about a Cohen for Guice swap?

Bump should I try to send these deals?

I’m not a huge fan of either of those but thats just me

I’m in a similar situation. We know whoever is the guy will have great value. We know Williams is named the starter and is still #1 on the depth chart. We also know that Andy Reid and McCoy are buddies. I’m rolling the dice on McCoy was cut for a reason and ultimately, Williams is the better back right now.

I think Williams will get the majority of the carries