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What to do with David Johnson Help


What should I do with David Jonnson? People are saying 8-12 weeks but I have also heard that he might not come back. I would like to get a trade for him but I just don’t know if it’s a good idea and what I should get for him. I will make playoffs with or without him.

My team;
QB: Mariota
RB: McCaffrey
RB: Hunt
WR: M. Thomas
WR: Baldwin
WR: Pryor
TE: Reed
D: Ravens
K: Lutz

BE: David Johnson ):
BE: Howard
BE: Jeffrey
BE: Tate
BE: Thielen
BE: Cohen
BE: Kupp


With that team just hang onto dj and hope he comes back. Your team is stacked


This is my 8 man league, my team is actually mid level compared to some other teams. You should see the waiver wire in this league; Palmar, Rivers, Hogan, Ginn Jr, T Eifert, Clay, Broncos D, Crowder, Powel, Forte, White, J Mixon, D Martin lol


I have a very similar make up in an 8 man league and I’m holding onto DJ with the hopes he can come back during playoffs. You have enough depth to carry you there and he could be that extra player to make a difference when it matters. You won’t be able to replace his ceiling no matter where you look so it’s worth the stash for me… maybe ask your comish to implement an IR spot as well.


100% agree with Utech.


i asked ): he said no