What to do with David Johnson?

I’ve held David Johnson all year. Is he going to play this year?

Nobody knows…I’m holding him as well. I’d like to move him, but I don’t want anyone else to have him if he comes back at the same time. Maybe trade him to a team with a bad record so there’s no threat in the playoffs? IDK what the solution is

I don’t see any way he comes back this year…I would have no problem dropping him at this point…I just don’t see how the Cardinals season isn’t essentially over with the QB situation there so if they aren’t in the playoff hunt I don’t see why they don’t just shut DJ down for the year…especially with AP in the mix who is serviceable to hold them over for the rest of the year…

this response has no precedence. just because they are out doesnt mean they will keep him out. I agree he probably wont come back but this reason still doesnt make sense to me. he’s their star player and its not like he doesnt want to be on that field. they arent purposely going to handicap themselves.

But why rush him back or not make sure he is completely 100% healthy with less chance of re-injury than risk him again in a lost season?

DJ probably has incentives for games. He gives his team the best chance to win. NFL teams in general are more profitable when they win. Bruce Arians is in the hot seat as of now and if he doesnt want to get fired he will have to at least TRY to win games. No reason for Bruce to lower his chances at staying a head coach.

I’d still hold him out and make sure he doesn’t reinjure anything. Also, bad record means high draft pick and the better potential to be a better team next year. I’d drop him as well. Someone else can deal with that headache

And also, I don’t think Arians is on the hot seat for losing his two best players and having a poor season because of it. The only seat he is sitting on is whether to retire or not

Yeah I agree but what I’m saying is I don’t think teams try to tank on purpose. Look at the Jets this year. They had no business winning A game but they’ve been pretty decent all year. Jobs are stake as well.