What to do with DeAndre Hopkins?

As a Nuk owner, do I hold onto him or trade him ASAP? Standard league btw

Obviously asking this question because of the Watson news

Man, I’d say sell as high still. Don’t give him up for little just because of the news. He’s still a great WR

I’m in the same boat… Thinking about selling him.

I could prob get Kelvin benjamin and Russel Wilson…

Thinking about taking it as I need help at the QB position.

This sucks for us Hopkins owners

You wont be able to get that much for him… If you could I would definitely make that trade. Personally I would still hold onto him. He is their only real target. Watson was good and could spread it around… Savage not so much

When Savage was the QB, he was known for treating Hopkins like he was the only WR on the team in game. So that keep me somewhat hopeful? lol

Tell that to Hilton owners like myself. 4/8 ramaining games look terrible. Tough break for so many.

@MikeSpain you would take the Kelvin and Russel Wilson trade?