What to do with DJax?

What is everyone doing with DJax? I contemplated dropping him for some guys on the waivers. I’m currently ok at wr, so I may just hold on. Thoughts?

I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’ve also got Tyreek and McLaurin sitting injured on the bench as well. For me personally, I’m holding on to DJax as long as I can. Kinda like with Tyreek (although in my League he’s “undroppable”)…he/they might not be back for weeks…BUT…it’s still early enough in the season, and…who knows what’s gonna be going on come end of the season and FFB Play/Off time. If either KC or PHI are Play-Off bound…they’ll each be gold if they’re playing. Just my thoughts. Hope it helps, at least a little my friend!!!

I agree. I lean on the side of keeping him. Maybe even thought of packaging him with another player to sell. Doing so on the basis of his first game production. I guess his injury history kind of worries me that this will continue to happen during the season. This injury is quite cryptic though