What to do with Doug Baldwin?

With the news of Doug Baldwin only being 80-85% this year, what are your thoughts on him? Trade, wait and see? Tyler Lockett is still available on waivers as of today. Do I drop Randall Cobb or Agholor and pick up Lockett? Let me know what you guys thinks

It’s a standard 10 team league with 6 bench spots. Current WR’s are Baldwin, Keenan Allan, Josh Gordon, Agholor and Cobb.

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I have Baldwin too in a 10 team, .5 PPR league. I’m waiting to see what happens. I could drop Allen Hurns for Lockett, but I feel like Hurns has more upside. Also, even though Baldwin himself said it, I don’t trust injury reports out of Seattle. I’m not sure Pete Carroll has ever released an accurate report since he’s been in the league. He could have told Doug to go out and say that just for the heck of it! Stay put for now.

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I would just hold and see. You’re not going to get max value right now right after the news anyways.

Definitely not stacking Lockett and Baldwin. Would rather have Cobb.


I too have Baldwin ! Got him at a great value but don’t want to roster both just yet think Baldwin is going to get a ton of work even if he is only 80%. His 80 is better then others 100 %!

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I agree with everyone here urging patience.

But if you really think you don’t want the headache of having to deal with Baldwin all year, you might wait for him to have a good week and then try targeting a team in your league with a real weakness at WR to see if s/he is willing to take a chance on Baldy.

But you won’t get very rich offers if you dangle him now, obviously.

Hang on to him.

And as for Lockett, Cobb, or Agholor; Lockett will not be more valuable until they shut down Baldy, but they haven’t done that yet and there’s no guarantee that they will. Agholor is a scheme dependent slot guy who will have up and down weeks (though he figures to be more important than usual with Alshon out for weeks 1 and 2). And Cobb seems like the surest bet of all of them.

So again, exercise patience here.


Helpful advice, thanks everyone, I’m holding tight for now.

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I agree Saturn . Also maybe keep an eye out for B.Marsh . Not sure if he signed yet but worth looking into just in case.