What to do with draft picks during COVID-19

MY FIRST POST ASA MEMBER OF THE FOOTCLAN! I have 2 #1’s, 2 #2’s, and 2 #3’s for the 2021 draft… With college football in flux, should I go all in and make a major trade or two this season, or sit and wait for the draft and see what happens?

My roster is set up nice for the next few years, with Patty Ma, CMAC, Saquon, JuJu, Bob Woods and a bunch of other younger players…

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Man, I have been wondering this, as well. Part of me wants to ship 'em out for win-now pieces due to the unknown, but then the irony is that this season is unknown! If it gets canceled/shortened/altered, that could backfire, as well.

I have also been hearing it may be wise to trade down to extract value, since the evaluation process is going to be so wonky. May be more likely to bust in the early rounds and/or unearth a gem in the later rounds, possibly. I may lean more that route.

Sorry, not really helpful or clear advice here, but just musing out loud right along with you!

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If I’ve got Mahomes, CMC, Saquon I’d be looking to trade my '21 assets to make an all-in push for a win now team. You could keep one of each round and trade the rest for potentially a great upgrade for your starting lineup.

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Thanks fellas… I think I will wait a few weeks to see who is terrible and then move some picks for one of their guys.