What to do with Emmanuel Sanders?

He just went off against the cardinals in huge blowout where he saw 100+ receiving yards and had 2 total touchdowns. I feel like his value is at an all time high right now so it would be the perfect time to seize the opportunity to get a better player.

What do you think foot clan?
Should you keep him or try to upgrade at the WR position

I like sanders a lot - this is more a question of who would you be getting back. If you simply want to upgrade at wr, then a 1 for 1 imo is pointless. However, if you package sanders with someone and get an obj, then by all means you have to jump on it.

But moving forward? He’s a great upside wr2.

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obj? id be lookin thomas adams type in a package sanders has been solid

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Due to target share and being the most skilled WR for Denver I’d continue with him unless the upgrade is fantastic.
Depending on your needs across the board or what else you have I’d keep him.

Keep in mind:
Denver’s schedule for the rest of the season is pretty damn juicy. Including KC next week.

Hold at least one more week.

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Sutton likely has a breakout game next week, too.

I agree. Its tempted to trade manny for a name but he has been a WR1 and shows no signs of stopping. Enjoy the success of a great draft choice!


Juju is my other starting WR, I have allison and Jordy Nelson on the bench too. I dont feel too comfortable with having juju as my WR1 or Sanders as my WR1 I would much rather have them at the WR2 that’s why I would like to trade him for a WR1

I actually traded alex Collins for Lamar miller and then miller for Sanders

Juju IS a fringe WR1.
That’s with Brown still producing.

On fantasy pros his rest of season consensus rank is #12. While Manny is at #21.
They might not have your flashy names but they’re producing, they’re targeted and they are getting TDs.

You’re probably going to give up too much to get your WR1 in my opinion.

Thanks for the insight I was really high on selling manny this week. I’ll whip him around my league and see what I can find but if I’m giving up too much I’ll stop searching

Well! Now I have to change my advice entirely! Sell Sanders if you can! It’s sounding likely he will be traded… unless you have keepers I would be searching to unload him while his value remains high.

This is a tough call. I have Manny in a few places. Hes been so awesome I hate to lose him and doubt I can get a comparable player. May be Diggs or Keenan Allen? If DT is traded and Manny stays though, he may be even better.

That’s the same issue I’m having. KC is a great match-up… I would rather they trade DT but Sanders is producing more with a smaller price tag.
I feel like he’s a better leverage trade.

I’m targetting Cooks or Diggs for him I think.

so if he gets traded his fantasy value with go down? do you know what teams are interested in him?

Mid-Season trade at WR. Whole new playbook to learn. Chances of being a productive target are slim.
It’s the same reason Amari Cooper shouldn’t be played rest of season.
That being said Josh Gordon did become a factor in the NE game plan with very short notice and very little building. It is possible.

I did more research though and it’s looking less likely that Sanders is going anywhere.

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