What to do with Gillislee?

I don’t know if Bellicheck just hates Gilly or what lol but a guy averaging 5 yards a carry hardly gets the rock. Is it time to trade him or just stash and avoid another prime matchup like the Jets next week or to keep rolling dice with Gilly? Because right now he has been sinking my lineup the last few weeks, what should I do? - standard scoring not ppr

Bump. Really need some help on this one as i had Gillislee and Evans last night and my week is looking like another L

I actually just traded for Gillislee in my league.

I’m struggling at RB tho and it’s an upgrade for me. He has great TD potential.

It depends on what the rest of your team looks like, but if I were you I’d keep him.

Thank you for the response and that is what I am thinking too, it just sucks to consistently see 4 points from the flex. Its crazy I have the best roster I have had in years and just keep getting bad breaks on the schedule so thats why im in a tough spot on what to do with either just ride it out and hope for the best or continue to try and trade. Here is my Roster:

QB- Russell Wilson, Wentz, Luck
RB- Kareem Hunt, Lev Bell, Gillislee, Alvin Kamara
WR- Mike Evans, Julio, Baldwin, Davante Adams
TE- Jimmy Graham
D/ST- Vikings, Jags
K- Matt Bryant

Standard scoring 10 team league and as you can see I’ve made many trades. I’d like to think my roster is stacked, but I am 2-2 looking at 2-3 after last night with Gilly and Evans. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you seriously for any and all help!

Yeah I’d say you’re stacked.

I wouldn’t freak out if I were you.