What to do with Henry

Dynasty, I’m in win now mode.
RBs: Kamara, Lindsey, Coleman, Henry, Cohen,
WRs: Adams, M.Thomas, Hopkins, A.Brown, Hamilton, Quinn

  • Keep Henry
  • Edelman, '19 1.01
  • Edelman, '19 1.01, plus
  • Ingram, 2020 1st
  • Ingram, 2020 1st, plus

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Its hard to vote on this poll with the lack of information.

PPR. .5, standard??

How many do you start?

What do your QBs and TEs look like?

I voted keep henry, but actually id trade him for ingram and the 2020 1st if you can get that deal, id do it without even thinking about it as you upgrade this season and get a future pick. Im not a big fan of henry either.

1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1Flex

Then yeah, id do ingram and a 2020 1st. If you can get the plus then do it, but id be willing to just take the 1st and nothing else if thats all you can get.