What to do with Hyde?

Is it time to cut Hyde and open up a roster spot for a waiver add?

The rest of my bench is: G Allison, Ito Smith, Keke Coutee, Courtland Sutton & Marlon Mack.

My RB corps: Conner/Bell, Zeke, Phillip Lindsay, Marlon Mack, Ito Smith & Hyde

I feel like everyone else in my roster has a higher floor and ceiling, Hyde used to be a volume based play but is now in a RBBC in addition to be inefficient all year.

He’s an easy drop. You have a nice running back corps so think about the scenario that would have to happen for you to play him. Even if Fournette goes out for the season, Hyde is still a flex at best. I would rather have a high upside backup to one of the studs at this point then Hyde.