What to do with Ingram

10 man .5 league is
2 RB
3 WR

My RB & WR
Ingram, Jacobs, Montgomery, Singletary, Gibson

Ridley, Chark, Moore, McLaurin, Golladay, Crowder, Sutton, Landry

I think my team is solid but I know Ingram is going to potentially be problematic.

Should I look to trade to get Dobbins? Or just package Ingram out with a high WR1 for another workhorse.

You can try putting a package together for another RB, would be a great move if you can pull it off. I wouldn’t be stressing too much at the moment, you can comfortably start Jacobs and Montgomery every week and fill your flex with WR’s or Singletary. I believe Ingram will bounce back when the games are more even - I think you can treat last week like a pre-season game in some ways, coaches looking to get Dobbins some real touches and see what they have in a real game situation. Ingram takes a hit for sure but he will still end up being an RB 3, and if he has a good game and Dobbins looks to be climbing sell high, not at rock bottom where he is now


I agree with Wilson. Ingram had the vast majority of touches when the game was close and still finished with half the RB carries (10/21 if I remember right). He might split carriers more with Dobbins as the season goes on, but even in that case I would use the Ingram/Kamara model from a few years ago where both of them were top 15 RBs. Even with just 15 touches, Ingram has good value week-to-week. If you want out, it shouldn’t be long before he gives you an opportunity to sell higher.

Especially once we get to the bye weeks, it will be important to have more running back depth. If you could package Ingram with a Moore/Chark/Ridley coming off of a big game to get a top tier RB I would certainly make the trade. You would also gain another roster spot for some wavier fliers at RB (in the end you could end up with 2 great RBs from the trade). I would look to buy low on some of the top tier guys who have had disappointing weeks 1/2 (Maybe David Johnson post Ravens matchup or Sanders who may have a desperate owner).