What to do with James Robinson?

Can someone please help me decide what to do with James Robinson? I would like to trade him due to his tough fantasy playoff schedule, yet I don’t know who to trade him for.

I tried trading him for Henry / Aaron Jones but their owners wouldn’t bite on any trade for those players. Please advise!

My team:
QB: Russ
RBs: Robinson, Jacobs, Hunt, Hyde
WRs: Lockett, Higgins, Parker, Cooks, Chark, Pittman
TE: Kelce, Fant

Thank you

I would look to package him plus maybe Higgins/Parker/Chark/Cooks for a stud WR like Keenan Allen. If you can’t get a top 5 WR or top 5 RB in a package, I would hold him and play him. I think he’ll still keep producing with a great floor.

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Is Robinson and Cooper for Michael Thomas a good move?