What to do with Jay Ajayi?

So the Jay-Train has yet to leave the station and after 8 weeks, it’s getting hard to stick with him. This guy was my first overall pick (6th pick) and he has been a complete bust. I’ve been saying that this week is the week for the past 5 weeks but he’s yet to score a TD or even put up good RB1 numbers. He’s been frustrating to say the least and I’m lost on what to do with him and could use some insight from you guys.
I play in a 2 QB, 3 FLEX, 8 player bench, 10 team league and NO PPR points . All TDs are worth 6 points (even for QBs) and all turnovers are worth -4. I’m currently sitting 5-2 and 2nd in my league. This is currently what my team is looking like:

QB1: Carson Wentz
QB2: Dak Prescott
RB1: Kareem Hunt
RB2: Ezekiel Elliott
WR1: AJ Green
WR2: Mike Evans
TE1: Zach Ertz
FLEX: Jordan Howard
FLEX: Jay Ajayi
FLEX: Michael Thomas
BENCH: Aaron Rodgers
BENCH: Tarik Cohen
BENCH: Corey Davis
BENCH: Dontrelle Inman
BENCH: Michael Crabtree
BENCH: Josh Doctson
BENCH: Evan Engram

I’m torn between trading him but his value is terrible or just riding it out with him hoping he gets going soon. I could use him to trade for some players to play Week 10 since Wentz, Crabtree and Hunt will all be on a BYE week or should I roll the dice on him? Any players worth adding or trading for that others might be willing to move? Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I hear ya on Ajayi-Its gonna be hard to get trade value right now with him BUT throw the line out there and see what happens-You got a good team and maybe ya could stash him for week 10-good luck to ya!


Appreciate the input, good luck to you as well.

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I’m in the same boat; I have Ajayi AND DeMarco Murray. I made the mistake of starting Ajayi this week over Doug Martin but that won’t happen again. They’re both gonna have to go in a trade for a middle of the pack receiver or Rb.


The good thing is that you have a very good team and guys you can spot start over Ajayi in the flex if needed. You might stash him until he has a good game and then sell high. In your leagues format, can you flex TE and/or QBs?

I made the mistake of starting Ajayi as well, I was confident he would get it going this week but as every week, he fails to live up to expectations. Might as well bench him until he proves he can actually put up starting RB numbers since you have Doug. @Mooseville

I actually started him this week so I’m stuck this week but who do you think is worth starting over him? I assume Crabtree but I’m in a hole for Week 10 and think I’m gonna be forced into starting Ajayi once again. But we can start TEs as a flex but not QBs. Probably a rotation of Engram and Crabtree wouldn’t you agree? @cody_ferrel

Exactly what I was thinking. Crabtree and Engram. Crabtree has been a touchdown magnet and I think Engram only gets better. People have those two as every week starters in some leagues, so you are in a pretty good situation.

You’re right I hadn’t really thought it about it that way until you brought it to my attention. Appreciate the input man.

Yeah I think I should be ok in the long run too. Bye weeks are gonna hurt a lot though. My team is

DeSean Watson
Jay Ajayi
Kareem Hunt
Brandin Cooks
Will fuller v
Austin seferin-jenkins
Chris hogan

Christian McCaffrey
DeMarco Murray
Doug Martin
Devin Funchess
Sterling shepherd
Evan Engram

Luckily Martin already had his bye, but I’m not looking forward to replacing Hunt with any of my other options.

I feel you, that Week 10 is gonna be tough on me as well since Hunt, Ertz, Crabtree and Ertz are gonna be gone. Might need to pull off a trade or two to prepare myself.

With the RB’s you have, I would get rid of Ajayi ASAP. He is a major bust this year and not all his fault. That entire Miami offense is awful this season. They are ranked last in almost all offense categories, I do not see Ajayi bouncing back to add any value back to his name. Specially with the QB and WR troubles, it’s easy to zone in on the run game. Ajayi hell of a RB but defiantly drop rather than wait to trade. Good luck my friend

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Appreciate the input, I am definitely leaning toward moving Ajayi. I’m hoping he puts up double digit points and someone thinks he’s on his way back in order to pull the trigger and get rid of him.

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WOOOOOW!!! The football gods blessed you my friend. What a turn around for you and your squad. GET SOME BRO!!!

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Man, I can definitely say I’m glad I kept him. I was trying to THROW him away in trades (along with DeMarco Murray). It’ll be funny to see what offers I get moving forward.

This is certainly a positive but I have somewhat of mixed emotions. This is without a doubt and upgrade for Ajayi but how do you think Blount factors into this? I kind of want to hold on to him rather than moving him now but do you think this move will reignite the Jay Train’s production?
@J_Quevo @Mooseville

I’m definitely holding on to him for now. If he does well then I’m gonna take advantage of that and shop him.

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Yea I agree with @Mooseville

You might be able to ship him now for a nice player to an Eagles fan or someone just thinking crazy trade thoughts etc-lol