What to do with Jordan Howard

Easy question here. Could use some input, is it time to drop Howard to the waivers??

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I am not telling you to drop him, but he’s the running back equivalent of stale bread… I would have tried to trade him earlier on a package deal… I’d drop him but I am always a bit tilted…

I had him earlier this year. After a few games I punted him like it was 4th and 15. Never looked back.


No Howard for me… I picked up Cohen off waivers on the Chicago bye and have flexed him or used as an RB2 every week since… He’s way more productive and is a better overall fit for the offense… Last week’s game should have been a feast for Howard, but he didn’t do well against a bad Giants DST…

LOL. Now THAT was funny!!!

@MayoLuver. Are you re-draft? If so, I’d say you can probably go ahead and drop him. As was mentioned in the other comments, I don’t see much out of him ROS. JMO