What to do with jordy nelson

I have already tried trading him but with no luck. Should I just sell low or hold him?

It’s gonna to depend on the specific offer, I wouldn’t sell for nothing, but would sell him if at all possible. You don’t drop him by any means though. He will have decent games ahead, but it looks pretty darn bleak. I just sold him.

I would probably trade him even for a Nelson Agholor or Demaryius Thomas - or for a Jay Ajayi or Alvin Kamara type player. If you get desparate, maybe even for a Joe Mixon or someone potentially on their way up, versus Jordy likely on his way down.

I sold him with Amendola for Dak. I was holding onto Andrew Luck. So I ok with the deal. But I do believe this bye week will help Greenbay. Depends on your roster.