What to do with jordy

looking to make a move with jordy. should i offer jordy and macaf for doug baldwin?
i also got offered josh mckinnon and garcon for jordy. Thoughts. Its a standard league.

rest of my squad is
RB - hunt, miller, d. martin and macaff.
WR - mike evans, mike thomas, jordy, danny amendola josh doctson

I would hold strong with Jordy. I am in the same boat and I will say that Hundley will air it out after this bye week. He is know for having a HUGE arm and Jordy is perfect for that. Mike Mc will make sure his play makers get the ball. with 175 rushing yards you should win the game, but obvi lost…cant rely on run game for 4 quarters. After the bye and there is a bad outing I would start to panic. Don’t see it happening though. ROS I feel strong Jordy being a WR2