What to do with Josh Gordon

I don’t want to tilt, but how badly does AB affect Josh Gordon?

On one hand, he is getting less targets and become the third passing option (maybe 4th)

On the other, AB draws double coverage so JG has more one-v-one matchups and better looks.

he’s my WR2 in a 2RB-3WR-1FLEX league. Should I stand pat or try to offload him?

gordon has his upside, he loses value for sure. I would say hes more of a WR3 in most leagues now

I think the pats can sustain production for two elite receivers. Maybe Brady and AB dont have a good chemistry to start the season.

AB will be out for a couple of weeks, when he does play i cant see him getting a ton of targets when the other options are edelman, AB, and white

i feel like hes a good play until AB plays

So you would hold then? If he can maintain high-end WR3, I’ll keep him, because my RBs in the league are solid: DJ, Dmont, Carson, Eckler, Singletary. But if I keep him I want to be able to count on him for like 10-12 points per game

Yeah, my big worry is after AB starts playing. After this Week 1 would be the time to move him if needed

See: Steelers offense last year. AB doesn’t hurt Gordon’s value any more than he hurt Juju’s. He’ll be ok

Look what JuJu did with AB on the field. AB can do things that boosts up the rest of the offense. Gordon doesn’t need a ton of targets to produce. What is killed is his chance at getting a large enough touchdown share to be a top 12 wr based on that lower volume of catches. He’s still got a shot at WR2 range in my book, but that’s if all of the cards fall right concerning the offense and his mental health.

ya but it was AB and JUJU on the steelers, now it Edelman, Gordon, AB, and White all needing shares of the ball, i just dont think Brady will be throwing the ball to Gordon as much as he will to AB or Edelman

Conner caught what nearly 60 balls for Pitt so you can toss throwing White into your mix there as something that would take away. I don’t see Pats current TE crop doing what Gronk did last year or traditionally and that is the void Gordon fills and he doesn’t need 100 catches to get there. He just needs 60-70. Even with AB producing at the level he did last year there is room for Gordon to still put up 900 and 9 and I am fine with that in the flex or a 2nd WR on a RB heavy fantasy team.

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