What to do with Kamara?

He’s been on a negative trajectory since the injury and his schedule doesn’t get any easier. Apparently Michael Thomas is going to get the ball every play from now on anyway. Has anyone else lost faith in Kamara too?

Me! He is a bust this year!

It’s not what we drafted him to do but it’s kamara. You put him in that RB spot and you leave him there and worry about the rest of your lineup

Agree. You can’t bench Kamara ever. One of those players you start every week and if you don’t win bc of it then it’s just not your year but you don’t bench a caliber of player like him

Agreed even though it sucks and is tough sledding. I have been with Kamara / OBJ all season. With those two it is crazy that I barely made playoffs (and have now lost). But I think you play your guys unless you definitively have stronger options.