What to do with Keepers

Hey All,

In an 8 team league with standard scoring where we keep 2 players from the previous season. I’ve got the 8th and 9th pick.

Thomas 1st Round
Jacobs 3rd Round
Miles Sanders 8th Round

I already know that MacCafferty, Barkley, Henry and Chubb will be gone as other people have them as keepers.

What should I do with mine?

Sanders would be crazy value. I’d keep him for sure.

As someone who has ridden the Thomas train for a few years, I think I lean keeping both the RBs. Sanders is crazy value, and I feel Jacobs is really nice also. Like if I could keep them and still get a Hill or Julio to replace Thomas I would be really happy.

To sum up, I could see using a first round pick on any of these three guys and with the two RBs you get to still have your first round.

Both RB’s. In a smaller league like 8 teams, there will be way to crazy of depth at WR

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I’d keep Josh Jacobs and Miles Sanders .

Cheers dude. Still debating. Got a feeling Jacobs will be there for my 2nd round pick at 9. Could potentially get them all.