What to do with Kenyan Drake?

10 Team 1/2 PPR
QB Lamar
WR Juju
WR Watkins
RB Zeke
RB Ekeler
TE Ertz
FLX Woods
BN Newton
BN Singletary
BN J White
BN Drake
IR Coleman

Is he dropable? Or should I hold for a bit longer and see if his value goes up.

I’d hold off on him. He’ll have an easier schedule later on in the season where the Dolphins might actually run the ball.

I’m struggling with this exact scenario. I’m a little shorter on Rb’s than you are though, so I have decided to hang on and hope for the best. But, if I were you, I would consider dropping him if there is a good WR available just to create some depth.

With that short of a bench I would add WR. Keep in mind Ekeler is gonna have Gordon at some point this season most likely to deal with.

I drop Newton and see if you can snag a WR. If none available on the waiver, consider a trade somewhere.

Dolphins are actively trying to trade Drake. Wait and see where he lands