What to do with Lance?

Mike hyped him up all offseason and leading up to draft day, convinced he was going to start.

Took him as a late round flier, but already have Brady+Hurts. Are ya’ll keeping him around for a while or should i just drop him for a Patrick or Tony Jones?

With those other options you probably are never starting him over them even if he does get the starting role… Id drop him and not worry much about it tbh. No trade value now anyways and he may not even get to start on the year if Jimmy G plays well

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Unless you’re in a super flex - I cut him. Even two QBs would be too much in a single QB league.

Anyway, yes- drop him.

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Yeah in most of my league’s this is my same mindset, i only carry 2 due to everyone in this league feels the need to carry 2 sometimes 3 so there’s legit only 1-3 starters left on waivers to stream, god forbid Brady starts to fall off or gets hurt i’d be screwed.

Only got Lance in the last round due to all the hype about him being a “league winner” but 1 week in and already feels like he won’t even crack the lineup.

Thanks Boys.

Tom is your league winner I wanted to get him this year pretty bad. Hes got the O line to stay healthy. Id feel real good with hurts as the emergency plan

Yeah you have to follow the trends of your league. Sometimes you luck out and steal all the value- or get screwed not having positional advantages.

It’s way early and you know Jimmy G gets benched eventually. Try trading him first!

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