What to do with Larry Fitz?

This might be a dumb question…I have a couple of byes this week.

RB’s: Kamara, J. Conner, Buck Allen, Sony Michel, and Lev Bell.

WR’s: J. Gordon, Kupp, K. Cole, Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk. Marvin Jones on bye…

I can fill in for one week possibly Chester Rodgers since TY is hurt and out again, so I would have to drop Kirk or Fitzgerald??? That offense is terrible at this point and at least Rodgers has produced the last few weeks. If Fitzgerald ever gets healthy, he can possibly turn it around. I have Stafford also on bye so I had to take up a bench spot and picked up Jameis for the week.

Oh and it’s a PPR league. Appreciate any advice.

It’s time to cut bait on Fitz. I had to pull the trigger on this last week. I held out hoping for a game that i could trade off of, but it’s not happening.

Sucks, but it’s time to say goodbye.

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