What to do with league member who stops trying?

We have a player that’s 0-5 that clearly isn’t trying at this point. He started Torrey Smith on Thursday with Julio, Michael Thomas, Adam Thielen and Demariyus Thomas on his bench, the kicker in his lineup is on a bye, and he’s starting Eli over Brees.

What should we do? Kick him out and start highest ranked players for the rest of the year? Allow him to continue not trying? Forfeit the rest of his games?

Our league has no weekly win payouts or consolation bracket money and can’t incorporate something like that mid-season.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kick him out and put me in coach.


make each one of his games a win for everyone and boot him from the league next year


That just hurts everyone in the league. I hate that. I know I won’t invite him into the league next year.

I agree that kills a league, we had too kick out 2 players last year because they did nothing. It is a game changer especially in the weeks leading up to the playoffs

I would force start the players that seem the most realistic to make it fair for everyone else

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Step 1
Kick him out

Step 2
choose a site (ESPN, cbs, etc)

Step 3
Fill his lineup with the highest ranked players for each week from the rankings you choose in step 2.
Any players on bye put on bench. If it’s a kicker or DEF. Pick up the highest available (from rankings) on the waiver wire and plug them in. DO NOT GIVE EACH TEAM A AUTOMATIC WIN…

Step 4
Devise a plan to prevent teams from giving up for future years.

(no plan if full proof but here is what my league does)
10 team league. Top 6 make the playoffs. Bottom 4 make the loser bowl playoffs.
There is two things to play for in looser playoffs.

First You want to not lose and come in as last place… As last place has to do a punishment chosen by the league as well as wear “the shame” shirt at the live draft

Second the winner of the loser bowel gets a prize. They can either have $5 extra dollars at the next draft or gets to keep any player not kept by other owners. (it’s a keeper league obviously) this keeps teams engaged as losers still get a decent prize if they win… Oh and also I collect $10 extra at draft day as a safety deposit… If you tank or leave the league when you come in last you don’t get it back. Now $10 isn’t much but hey it’s still money and haven’t had anyone tank since we have had above rules and prizes

Sorry this happened.

If you need someone to run the team I’m sure there are good plp on this site that could… If not. Follow instructions above.

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