What to do with Leonard Fournette?

I drafted Fournette which was such a bad idea. But something makes me want to hold onto him week after week. Good thing I was able to pick up Yeldon on waivers and secure a handcuff. Anyway… do you guys think its best to just look for a trade for him at this point? Or just keep holding on for another week or two?


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If you have Yeldon, just hang on. Unless you can package the pair for someone like Mixon or something in that value range. Sounds like you have the Jags RB situation locked down. They have the best D in the league and whoever is starting for them is going to be valuable.


He’ll be back. Hold the line. I did the same. I left myself enough money to snag Yeldon, who, is actually doing just as good.

Drafting Fournette required two slots. Have to have his handcuff or otherwise don’t draft him or get upset when he goes down. It’s a given he will in fact go down.

It is also a given he gets back up. He will be ready to roll in a couple of weeks. Still have to keep Yeldon but either way, the production is consistent.

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