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What to do with Lynch?


Seriously. I have no idea what to do with him. I can’t drop him, took him way to high in the draft for that. I grabbed Aaron Jones and have Gore and Bell so theyre all getting started this week, but I cant bench him all season. Does he have ANY trade value at this point? What could I even get back for him?


Your value is about handcuff rb’s And low end wr’s. Rb’s like kamara, and Cohen. And wr’s like Wright kupp and few others the I can’t think of right now. He’s still got a name and with carr down they may not want to throw the ball as much. So they may go more run. But he’s got low value and your basically trading for developmental players and ones who ride the points rollercoaster alot


I’m in the same boat… mainly frustrating that he isn’t even on the field for what feels like half of the snaps. I’ve been thinking of trying to get a WR from an RB needy owner since I have good depth at RB.

Curious how Carr’s injury will affect him as well.


I actually had Kamara but dropped him on saturday to pick up Bells handcuff after what happened to Montgomery (I just dont want to be in that situation esp with Bell) and I dont think he will make it through waivers for me to get him again. I may try to get a WR since I have M thomas on a bye this week.


And I am with you on that amc514. Its so frustrating watching him standing on the sideline in the 4th with his hat on with no intention of playing anymore snaps.


I’d look at your depth in both wr and rb and go for what’s needed more so. And you never know with kamara, he’s on bye and not too many people will pay attention to someone on bye. I’d personally just throw out a waiver calm and hope it takes. Cause it’s becoming more clear that he’s going to be split the load 50/50 with Ingram. And if your ppr he’s the pass catcher. But like amc514 said fine a rb needy team and try them. Also you may be able to grab someone like rashard Matthews for him since mariota is down.


I have the 5th waiver priority, and yahoo wont allow me to put a claim on a player I dropped until he clears, so I’m going to put a claim in for Latavius Murray to add some depth at RB since Jones doesnt seem to be long term. I’m not crazy about any of the WR on waivers so I’m just going to wait it out and grab someone after everyone clears. If I get Murray I may sit on Lynch to see if he or Murray can build some value then try to trade them.


I just checked Pro Football Reference and his snap count percentage through 4 weeks is at 41%. Less than ideal for my 3rd round pick. But yeah I agree about the wait and see approach because right now his value is pretty atrocious. I’ll be really hoping he can put something together this week at home.

For reference I have Hunt, Martin, Cohen, and Kamara ahead of him as my RBs… so he has no spot on my roster.